First off, we hope you are well finding ways to keep positive and healthy during these testing and uncertain times. As I'm sure you're all aware, the consequences for the artistic/creative sector are devastating. Everyone has lost so much work, income, and many very exciting projects will no longer be realised, or will at least have to wait, until when is unclear. Venues are facing tough times and potentially tough decisions - this community depends on the existence of such supportive indoor spaces and it would be heartbreaking should they face the possibility of closure. Please do whatever you can to support the artists, venues and organisations that you believe in - they need it now more than ever before.

We were in the process of gathering a funding proposal for a 2-day event in the Summer featuring Kelly Jayne Jones, SHOAL, Jan Hendrickse and others, based on human-environment relations. We were so excited to be supporting some awesome artists, present some really fascinating work and audience experiences. It was going to be so beautiful, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we've had to re-strategise just like so much of society has.

But the show must go on. We'll soon be announcing our new series of livestream performances, featuring the aforementioned artists who are imagining awesome ways to be creative with isolation, domestication and a remote audience. Watch out for updates here and on our social channels.

Until then, take care - find whatever it is that keeps you happy and healthy in this strange new world, and do it. Look out for your loved ones, keep your communities going strong, and again, please consider supporting the creative sector in whatever capacity you want/can.

With love,