KINETIC #1 @ the wonder inn

Our first concert held in the beautiful ructic surroundings of the now non-existent Wonder Inn, once in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Featuring the works of 5 Manchester based composers, and performed by a pool of talented musicians from the RNCM and Salford University.



------ PROGRAMME ------

Aled Smith - 'Nocturne''
(Hannah Fry - clarinet in Bb, Silvia Lucas - piano)

Aled Smith - 'Beneath Fallen Skies' and 'uncertain light'
(Lauryna Sableviciute - piano)

Aled Smith - 'painting, BLACK'
(Silvia Lucas - piano)


Caroline Bordignon - 'The Shore at Dawn'
(Hayley Swanton - soprano, Callum Coomber & Mark Reid -classic guitars)


Joseph Shaw - 'Ephemeris', 'I' & 'II"
(Daniel Portal - piano)

Joseph Shaw - 'Monologue in Five Sections'
(Joshua Warhurst - bass clarinet)

Joseph Shaw - 'Interjections'
(Hannah Fry - soprano saxophone, Jamie Sharp - alto saxophone, Isobel Williams - tenor saxophone, Simeon Evans - baritone saxophone)

Robert Thorpe - 'Cetacea', 'Pisagua' & 'Vakna i Mykri'
(Rob Thorpe - electric guitar, Cat Hanson - saxophones, Kotryna Siugzdinyte - 'cello, Ruta Skudraite - piano)

Shaun Davies - 'Capriceuse: a la memoire de Messiaen'
(Rebecca Howell - violin, Hannah Fry - clarinet in Bb, Joseph Dawson - 'cello, Daniel Portal - piano)

Shaun Davies - 'Vociferous Blunder'
(Adam Albinson - trumpet in Bb, James Atkins - flugelhorn,  Zoe Wright - tenor horn, Joseph Lunn - trombone, Sam Myers - tuba)