PARTISAN, 21/02 - 13:00 TO 23/02 - 18:40

limited capacity - only 36 tickets available

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Charlie Sdraulig, Marco Fusi, Winnie Huang and Gwen Rouger present the UK premiere of one to one (2019), an intimately staged sequence of three performances, each for one performer and one audience member at a time. This event frames music as a social exchange: calm, intense co-presence, subtly negotiated via quiet sounds and nuanced gestures. Experience a violin piece where breathing and bowing meld, a gestural performance reflecting varied modes of attention, and an amplified, ASMR-like exploration
of the piano's action. Collectively, these performances muse on the possibilities and limits of our empathetic imaginations.

Each ticket is for a set lasting approx. 60 mins, and includes
all three performances.



Composition: Charlie Sdraulig 

Performance: Marco Fusi (violin and voice), Winnie Huang (movement and voice), and Gwen Rouger (piano)

Staging/Production: Marco Fusi, Winnie Huang, Charlie Sdraulig, Gwen Rouger, Shaun Davies, Sean Rogan, Stephen Bradshaw.

Photos: Andrew A. Watts, David Kerr, Marco Fusi, Winnie Huang, Gwen Rouger, and Charlie Sdraulig.