motor vehicle sundown:
a. ingamells / k. williams

THE WHITE HOTEL, 21/02, 19:30 doors, 20:00 start

kathryn andy jumping.gif

kathryn williams

andy ingamells

PROGRAMME to include...


Aquafifer (after Hermeto Pascoal)

(Andy Ingamells / Kathryn Williams, 2019)


Motor Vehicle Sundown (Event)

(George Brecht, 1960)



(Carolyn Chen, 2009)

Kathryn Williams and Andy Ingamells operate together as a composition duo. Their work teeters on the balance of rigorous enquiry and playfulness, including the practice of pentimento (a technique used in oil painting where sketches underneath the paint are slowly revealed over time), and applying this to sound, performance, and their bodies.

Kathryn is a flautist and composer whose work focuses upon transgressing real or imagined limitations. Currently centred around breathing and overcoming asthma to more powerfully connect with her respiratory system, this has led to Kathryn qualifying as a freediver and investigating ways to combine freediving into performance art and composition.


Andy is an experimental musician who develops unusual methods of composition that blur the line between composer and performer. He has filled taxis with recorder players reading traffic lights as notation, played gold-painted pianos overflowing with buckets of red wallpaper paste, invented the game of violin cricket, and been tickled by improvisers playing his ticklish body as a musical instrument. 


Between them, Kathryn and Andy have performed at Aldeburgh Festival, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Cafe OTO (London), Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (Australia), Birmingham International Dance Festival, National Portrait Gallery, Royaumont Abbey (France), Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam), and Constellation (Chicago).