21/02 - 23/02, 10:00 - 17:00

free entry, no ticket required.

aviva endean -

A Face Like Yours invites the audience to take part in a sonic exploration of their own face; the experience ‘amplified’ by inserting foam earplugs into their ears. Following the visual instructions from the performer on screen the audience are led through a series of actions to create a soundscape that only they can hear. The piece leads the player through a series of thuds, flickers, hums, squishes, tingles, powerful bass tones and miniature sounds, as they explore the varied textures and sonic landscapes of their own head. ‘A face like yours’ uses the medium of silent film to create a visual score, requiring the active participation and imagination of its viewers to sound the work.

AVIVA ENDEAN/dan gorfinkel-

The Space Guitar is a series of long taut lines of various materials (elastic, sticky tape, VHS tape) which can be listened to by attaching stethoscope earpieces to the strings. Audience members can play the lines for themselves or each other by simply using their fingers to pluck, rub, drag of flick the strings. The stethoscope uses bone conduction to make these otherwise inaudible sounds, very present for the listener. Created with the Support of the Australia Council for the Arts.

a stranger's touch (2015)

In this video work, Merel went to several cities in the Netherlands and Europe to ask men and boys on the streets if she could touch their faces, searching for the boundaries of personal space and trying to create an intimate moment with a complete stranger. What happens when a complete stranger enters your personal space and is trying to share a loving moment with you? Can the moment ever become real? How do these men react upon her presence?

MEREL THELOESEN -lovers (2015)

Lovers is a video made in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Merel asked couples who were kissing in the park if she could sit next to them and watch them. She left the control of experiment duration with the couples - they could decide when it was enough and when Merel had to leave. This led to very different durations. Some couples didn’t mind the presence of another person sitting next to them; others became very nervous and shy. Some left Merel to sit there for 30 minutes; others told her to leave after 2 minutes. In the end the one who could question is the one being provoked, in this experiment exploring the borders of personal space.

charlotte marlow/chrissie pinney ft. kathryn williams -  breathless (2018, new development commissioned by kinetic)

Breathless is a 'twenty second erotic opera' (Tim Rutherford-Johnson) written by Charlotte Marlow with text by Chrissie Pinney. The work was written in response to flautist Kathryn Williams' commissioning project, Coming Up For Air in which pieces of music are limited to a single breath. 

As a video installation, Breathless is a playful consideration of relationships and interactions, from the platonic to the voyeuristic, celebrating female empowerment, positive affirmations, and friendship.

stephen bradshaw - panoptic #4a (commissioned by kinetic)

Panoptic #4a is an interactive installation made from the innards of an electronic organ. Entering a room under the gaze of surveillance cameras, you and a partner will learn how to play a sensitive electronic instrument by gently touching each other’s hands. You can see the second part of this commission, a piece for video, guitar, flute and percussion, at STICKS, BITS & EATS on the 23rd of February. Find out more

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