Our second event, held at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, in May 2017.  We featured the work of 7 composers - Patrick Brennan, Aled Smith, Joseph Shaw, Lucy Armstrong, Robert Thorpe, Shaun Davies and Timothy Wise, giving World Premieres to four pieces, a UK Premiere to one, and hosting second performances of two pieces.


------ PROGRAMMME ------

Patrick Brennan - 'Heat Vision'
(Robert Thorpe - electric guitar, Emily Burkhardt - baritone saxophone,

Patrick Brennan - electric bass, Daniel Portal - piano)

Shaun Davies - 'Spiral'
(Lauryna Sableviciute - piano)

Lucy Armstrong - 'Melodrama'
(Anthony Brown - soprano saxophone, Benjamin Powell - piano)

Aled Smith - 'Alone'
(Grace Macdonald - soprano saxophone, Lily Wilson - alto saxophone,

Freya Chambers - tenor saxophone, Simeon Evans - baritone saxophone)

Robert Thorpe - 'Untitled II' from 'Songs from Klaustrið'
(Izzy Petruzzi - tenor saxophone, Robert Thorpe - electric guitar,

Ruby Grace Moore - 'cello, Ruta Skudraite - piano)

Joseph Shaw - 'IV' from 'Four Pieces: Colour in Water'
(Daniel Portal - piano)

Joseph Shaw -'...and wisdom comes quietly'
(Charlotte Badham - mezzo soprano, James Girling - classical guitar)

Timothy Wise - 'Atomium'
(Callum Coomber - electric guitar, Ruby Grace Moore - 'cello, Tom Carney - percussion)